Resurrection of the Dark Lady

Sessions 3 and 4

Kobald Puppets and Flying Shadows

After dispatching the Goblin and his wolf, the party sets up watch and begins their rest…which is promptly interrupted by a small band of Kobald hunters. By interrupted, I mean John got shot in the neck by an arrow.

Asmo decides that the best way to dispatch with an enemy is while they’re sleeping, so he throws a sleep spell on the Kobolds and knocks out all but one. The invaders are quickly dispatched by the party through various means (gunshots, slit throats, and cleaving in half nuts to nose.) The party decided it would be best to keep one alive for interrogation because they’re absolutely convinced that there’s no way this was a random encounter. These guys are working with the goblins…obvi. Indira plays good cop while John plays psychotic captor, gaining a bit of info about the village up ahead.

Their captive is allowed to leave, and the party packed up to continue on their way south to the troubled village. They stopped a quarter mile out to let the stealthier members (of a party that is entirely stealthy) get some recon work in. They determine it’s too quiet, and too well lit, to just waltz in so they decide to split up and come in to the village square from two different angles: Zexy and Asmo come in from the north, while John and Indira creep in from the west.

Zexy wants a good vantage point, so he runs and slams his face into the side of the blacksmith’s shop.

The entire party spent their time sneaking around the village, searching for any sign of what is actually happening here. THey checked the school house, the tavern, the blacksmith, and the nearby homes. Everything was empty and in shambles. The embers at the blacksmith were still warm, which is odd considering the state of the village. The schoolhouse had the dracolitch graffiti scrawled on the chalk board, and a terrible stench coming from a trap door in the back of the classroom. The team takes shelter in one of the nearby empty houses to figure out what to do next.

Zexy stays on watch and notices a large shadow fly across the moonlit sky. He’s pretty convinced it was a small dragon, which would explain the warm embers, but he couldn’t be completely sure.

While hanging in the house, they hear some commotion going on next door. John figures out there are some goblins chatting. Asmo wants to draw them out, so he causes a thunderclap to happen outside in hopes it will get the attention of the goblins. The goblins next door walk out the door and hang out at the front porch. Across the square, another goblin walks out to investigate…earning him a crossbow bolt to the head. The goblins that are outside rush to help their fallen friend, and start a small skirmish with the party.

After lots of shooting back and forth, sneak attacking/assassinating, and exploding skulls with hammers, the goblins have been subdued and the party decides to investigate a bit more. Asmo finds some very nice leather armor that he promptly dons. They then finally push past their fears and make their way back to the schoolhouse to investigate the trap door.

The party ventured down into the school’s basement and found what appears to be a necrotic ritual site. There are squared off piles of bodies, organized by men, women, and children. In the center of the room is a ritual circle with a small, hooded body lying in the middle. Asmo and Indira spend time breaking the circle to make sure any necrotic circuit is broken. It looked like this was for summoning and raising undead, but not just any undead: smarter and more powerful undead (ghouls, wraiths, etc.)

They pondered what to do with the body. Asmo was convinced the body must be destroyed, and fires an eldritch blast at it…and misses. The party moves the body over onto it’s back and removes it’s hood.

It’s a little girl. Her face is badly burned, and she’s barely hanging on to consciousness. She tries to talk.

“They want the stone..They need the stone…Please help me.”


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