Resurrection of the Dark Lady

Session 1

In Which our Heroes Forgo a Free Bath and Have a Near-Death Experience

Our party arrives in Eastport, the largest port…in the…east….They meet a few of the more notable locals: Troggith, the Harbor Master; Glorn and Esmerelda, proprietors of The Immortal Quail Inn; and learned about some issues plaguing the usually bustling city.

- A decommissioned light house is rumored to be haunted
- Local pets and livestock are disappearing
- Strange graffiti has been showing up on local religious structures

The group decides it’s best to have a fantastic bath after a long boat trip, so they make their way to the local bath house for luxurious tub time. On the way there, Azmo sees the graffiti and realizes what kind of danger might be looming.

The party tries to have a bath, but ends up following the abducted shopkeeper into the sewer where they battle a pack of Giant Wolf Spiders. The spiders proved to be quite the match, as they knocked out Jon and Indira and seriously wounded Azmo. Zexy gave no fucks and blasted the spiders with his rifle.

The evening ended with the remaining conscious party members wondering how they’re going to get out of the sewer….


Rando_Calrissian Rando_Calrissian

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