Resurrection of the Dark Lady

Session 7

In which our heroes slay a motherfucking dragon

The brazier in the lighthouse containing Indira’s spirit appeared to be immovable. Given that fact and that the party wasn’t really sure how to get the spirit back into her body, Asmo decides to take action and consult the friendly neighborhood goddess of light. After insisting the party stay behind to guard his sister’s soul, Asmo returns to town with a mission.

Asmo finds Esmerelda in her normal spot in the tavern, and after accidentally letting her true name slip in public, Asmo gets a mental scolding. In spite of the faux pas, she takes pity on the distraught Tiefling, giving him a pouch whose contents will—most likely—reunite Indira’s soul with her body, assuming he uses it when her body is close to her soul.

Asmo, faced with the dilemma of getting his sister’s body back to the lighthouse, decides to ask the Sheriff for assistance. Mathias couldn’t be convinced—magically or otherwise—to accompany Asmo or provide him with men, but he does allow Asmo to borrow his sturdiest and fastest horse. Asmo then leads the horse back to the tavern to fetch his sister.

Meanwhile, Thurman and John Rainbow watch the brazier in the lighthouse and are generally bored. John notices that the brazier seems to be getting hotter as the day wears on, but otherwise, all is quiet. Zexy enjoys the cool ocean breeze outside of the lighthouse as he waits for Asmo’s return. But as the afternoon wears on, he starts getting an uneasy feeling. And gradually, the ocean breeze is tainted with a scent reminiscent of the corpse-filled basement they’d encountered at the abandoned trading town to the South.

Asmo, back in Eastport, gets Gloren’s assistance with sneaking Indira’s lifeless body out of the back of the tavern and slung roughly across the back of the horse. Gloren sends them off with a slap to the horses rump, and Asmo rides—safely, if not competently—back to the lighthouse in half the time he’d taken on foot.

With the help of John Rainbow, Indira’s corpse is brought to the brazier. After a sprinkling of the glimmering sand from Maeve, Indira’s soul lifts from the brazier and—in a spectacular light show—reunites with her body. This wasn’t the time for a tearful reunion, however. The party gets straight to work, casing the lighthouse while they still have daylight.

The lighthouse is eerily quiet, though the more observant party members notice that there are piles of bones and a corpse lying about in strangely organized-looking piles. When they reach the top of the tower, Indira studies the mechanism that pulls the brazier to the top. She suspects that if the green fire is to be seen from the lighthouse by the townspeople, it must be raised to the top as a part of whatever evil’s happening in the lighthouse. So, she thinks they should try to break it. Having no technical skill, however, she asks the party’s resident Gnome if he could conceive of a way to break the pulley system.

Zexy, with his deft hands and skill with tinkering, manages to dismantle one of he four mechanisms on the first floor, rendering the brazier-raising system useless. They decide then to wait for sunset to see what happens. Indira hides herself on the second floor, and after convincing John Rainbow not to hide out on the top of the tower, he joins the rest outside to observe. They work out an elaborate Thaumatergy-based alert system in the case shit hit the fan on the inside.

As the sun begins to set, John Rainbow uses one of his rangery talents and detects both undead very nearby and a dragon closing in on their location. Zexy also hears breathing, scraping, and moaning from inside of the lighthouse’s first floor. The three come together to share information. Meanwhile, inside, zombies and a ghoul move to the 4 brazier-raising mechanisms to raise it to the roof. Due to the broken mechanism, the undead creatures tip the brazier and burn themselves to death.

After some window-to-ground Thaumeturgy, the team decides to wait for the dragon to arrive, and arrive it does. A very young black dragon wyrmling lands on the roof and descends the staircase. Indira tries to hide herself in the corner of the second floor of the lighthouse room, but based on the way he kept glancing up her way, she wasn’t convinced that she’d be able to stay hidden for long. Suddenly, the wyrmling leaped into the air and swooped through the brazier opening to the first floor, landing facing Asmo on the first floor of the lighthouse.

Zexy, thinking fast, decided to pop the dragon before it could pop him, distracting the creature from Asmo. In retaliation, Zexy got a refreshing acid peel via dragonbreath. In the next moment, Asmo had pulled forth his staff of frost and cast cone of cold on the horse-sized creature. John Rainbow, who had been stealthily on the staircase, took the chance to leap onto the distraught creature’s back and deal what would turn out to be a most epic killing blow with his pair of dragonslaying short swords. The dragon was dead before Indira ever got to join the party.

And now that the dragon is dead, the fire is out, and the undead are toast—is the lighthouse cleansed? Will they get their payday? Will the Deck of Many Things rear its ugly head again?


Rando_Calrissian Indira

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