Resurrection of the Dark Lady

Session 5 and 6

New Friends, New Toys, and Decks of Cards

The crew was busy figuring out what to do with an injured girl when a Drow walks in to the town. Why it’s Therman Thomas, the socially inept healer…of…Lolth?


Therman was sent by Sheriff Mathias to lend a hand to the party. They’ve been roughed up quite a bit recently, and some sweet sweet heals would probably come in handy. The crew packs up the girl, accepts their new partner, and head off back to Eastport. Along they way they pretty handedly destroy a few giant centipedes.

Turns out that the girl is the niece of the leader of the Thieves Guild, Randall. At least, that’s what the head healer told everyone. He’s sure that Randall will be delighted that she’s safe, as he apparently loves his family.

Back at the Immortal Quail, Zexy receives a mysterious note on his door:

“Come to the Docks. Bring your friends”

On the back is a coded map that leads the party to a lesser used area of the docks, where a lot of the imported stone and stone masonry comes in. Here, they’re quickly ambushed by a pack of roguish villains! Asmo decides to use his goddamn broken sleep spell again, and the crew quickly dispatches with most of the bandits.

A round of applause comes from behind them and there, sitting atop a large gargoyle, is Randall. He was very impressed with the groups performance here and on their other outings. He also loves the fact that they’re a bunch of bastards, making them perfect for some potential jobs he may have in the future. He then promptly disappears.

Indira finds a box in the mouth of the gargoyle statue Randall was sitting on. Inside she found a lovely note, and a deck of cards. Asmo takes a look at the cards and realizes that, OMG IT’S A DECK OF MANY THINGS. At the same time, Zexy and John have a strong urge to get back to the tavern for some drinks and relaxation. Asmo and Indira brush off this feeling, but begin to think someone is trying to charm them.

Zexy and John walk in to the tavern and are greeted by Glorn, who insists they sit down and have a drink. Zexy gets a bit suspicious that the tavern is completely empty, so he walks up the stairs to go check out his room….and pops out next to the bar. Which is totally wrong. John does the same, and thinks it’s pretty odd. Zexy then wants to look outside. What does he see? Oh, not much…just the CELESTIAL PLANE. Indira and Asmo join them at the tavern, have a drink, and try to figure out what’s going on. Esmerelda walks down the stairs and introduces her true self: Maeve, Goddess of Light and Life. She has approached the party with a quest: To locate the 3 pieces needed to perform the spell to resurrect the Dark Lady, and destroy them.

…But why this crew? Because the enemy won’t look for a group like this. A group of selfish mercs. They’ll be looking for adorned heroes.

Upon accepting this quest, the crew was given gifts to help them on their way. Everyone was really pleased with their new toys, and are looking forward to using them on some nasty creatures.

They left the tavern, and wound up back in Eastport. It was the next morning, and they were completely rested and refreshed, as if they had slept all night. Indira felt this was the best time to try out her gift from Randall!

She shuffles…Proclaims she will draw one card…and BAM! Her soul is ripped from her body and sent off somewhere.


The party scrambles and heads off to the supposedly haunted lighthouse in search of Indira’s soul. Esmerelda was pretty sure that her soul has been taken and trapped there. The crew makes their way to the lighthouse, where they’re greeted by rats in the basement. Lots and lots of rats. After dispatching them, Asmo looks around and finds Indira’s soul, trapped in the brazier that had been lowered to the basement of the Lighthouse. Now…how do we get it back to her body?


Rando_Calrissian Rando_Calrissian

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