Resurrection of the Dark Lady

Session 2

In Which our Heroes Encounter a Sheriff, Get Paid, and Head to Rocky Knoll

How hard is it to climb out of a sewer with an unconscious tiefling on your back?

Kinda hard.

Failing twice to safely climb out of the sewers with their unconscious friends, the party decides to send the Azmo up to find help. He runs in to Commi, a local cleric, who promptly goes to get help for the injured heroes.

The party is rescued, healed, and promptly introduced to the local sheriff: Mathias Needle. He’s a bombastic, cheerful soul who is grateful for the party’s help with clearing out the spider menace. He rewards them with some gold and covers their lodging expenses for a few days.

After a nights rest, the party has a leisurely morning washing themselves, their clothing, buying clothing, and enjoying a brunch with bloody marys. They later meet up with Sheriff Mathias, and find out about the problem with the village of Rocky Knoll: Caravans and groups of guards have gone, but not returned. Mathias asks them to deliver a message and return with news of what has happened to the village.

Leaving so late in the day, the party decides to walk through the night to take advantage of their abundance of darkvision. Their march is interrupted by a small mob of Twig Blights, which they quickly dispatched.

When the party has dropped their guard and began settling down for the night, they are ambushed by a Goblin and his wolf! An avalanche of guns, swords, and demonic spells removed the threat quickly. Azmo investigated the goblin, finding some loot and a brand on the creature’s chest: the symbol of the Dark Lady.

also: DING! LVL 2!


Rando_Calrissian Rando_Calrissian

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