Resurrection of the Dark Lady

Session 7
In which our heroes slay a motherfucking dragon

The brazier in the lighthouse containing Indira’s spirit appeared to be immovable. Given that fact and that the party wasn’t really sure how to get the spirit back into her body, Asmo decides to take action and consult the friendly neighborhood goddess of light. After insisting the party stay behind to guard his sister’s soul, Asmo returns to town with a mission.

Asmo finds Esmerelda in her normal spot in the tavern, and after accidentally letting her true name slip in public, Asmo gets a mental scolding. In spite of the faux pas, she takes pity on the distraught Tiefling, giving him a pouch whose contents will—most likely—reunite Indira’s soul with her body, assuming he uses it when her body is close to her soul.

Asmo, faced with the dilemma of getting his sister’s body back to the lighthouse, decides to ask the Sheriff for assistance. Mathias couldn’t be convinced—magically or otherwise—to accompany Asmo or provide him with men, but he does allow Asmo to borrow his sturdiest and fastest horse. Asmo then leads the horse back to the tavern to fetch his sister.

Meanwhile, Thurman and John Rainbow watch the brazier in the lighthouse and are generally bored. John notices that the brazier seems to be getting hotter as the day wears on, but otherwise, all is quiet. Zexy enjoys the cool ocean breeze outside of the lighthouse as he waits for Asmo’s return. But as the afternoon wears on, he starts getting an uneasy feeling. And gradually, the ocean breeze is tainted with a scent reminiscent of the corpse-filled basement they’d encountered at the abandoned trading town to the South.

Asmo, back in Eastport, gets Gloren’s assistance with sneaking Indira’s lifeless body out of the back of the tavern and slung roughly across the back of the horse. Gloren sends them off with a slap to the horses rump, and Asmo rides—safely, if not competently—back to the lighthouse in half the time he’d taken on foot.

With the help of John Rainbow, Indira’s corpse is brought to the brazier. After a sprinkling of the glimmering sand from Maeve, Indira’s soul lifts from the brazier and—in a spectacular light show—reunites with her body. This wasn’t the time for a tearful reunion, however. The party gets straight to work, casing the lighthouse while they still have daylight.

The lighthouse is eerily quiet, though the more observant party members notice that there are piles of bones and a corpse lying about in strangely organized-looking piles. When they reach the top of the tower, Indira studies the mechanism that pulls the brazier to the top. She suspects that if the green fire is to be seen from the lighthouse by the townspeople, it must be raised to the top as a part of whatever evil’s happening in the lighthouse. So, she thinks they should try to break it. Having no technical skill, however, she asks the party’s resident Gnome if he could conceive of a way to break the pulley system.

Zexy, with his deft hands and skill with tinkering, manages to dismantle one of he four mechanisms on the first floor, rendering the brazier-raising system useless. They decide then to wait for sunset to see what happens. Indira hides herself on the second floor, and after convincing John Rainbow not to hide out on the top of the tower, he joins the rest outside to observe. They work out an elaborate Thaumatergy-based alert system in the case shit hit the fan on the inside.

As the sun begins to set, John Rainbow uses one of his rangery talents and detects both undead very nearby and a dragon closing in on their location. Zexy also hears breathing, scraping, and moaning from inside of the lighthouse’s first floor. The three come together to share information. Meanwhile, inside, zombies and a ghoul move to the 4 brazier-raising mechanisms to raise it to the roof. Due to the broken mechanism, the undead creatures tip the brazier and burn themselves to death.

After some window-to-ground Thaumeturgy, the team decides to wait for the dragon to arrive, and arrive it does. A very young black dragon wyrmling lands on the roof and descends the staircase. Indira tries to hide herself in the corner of the second floor of the lighthouse room, but based on the way he kept glancing up her way, she wasn’t convinced that she’d be able to stay hidden for long. Suddenly, the wyrmling leaped into the air and swooped through the brazier opening to the first floor, landing facing Asmo on the first floor of the lighthouse.

Zexy, thinking fast, decided to pop the dragon before it could pop him, distracting the creature from Asmo. In retaliation, Zexy got a refreshing acid peel via dragonbreath. In the next moment, Asmo had pulled forth his staff of frost and cast cone of cold on the horse-sized creature. John Rainbow, who had been stealthily on the staircase, took the chance to leap onto the distraught creature’s back and deal what would turn out to be a most epic killing blow with his pair of dragonslaying short swords. The dragon was dead before Indira ever got to join the party.

And now that the dragon is dead, the fire is out, and the undead are toast—is the lighthouse cleansed? Will they get their payday? Will the Deck of Many Things rear its ugly head again?

Session 5 and 6
New Friends, New Toys, and Decks of Cards

The crew was busy figuring out what to do with an injured girl when a Drow walks in to the town. Why it’s Therman Thomas, the socially inept healer…of…Lolth?


Therman was sent by Sheriff Mathias to lend a hand to the party. They’ve been roughed up quite a bit recently, and some sweet sweet heals would probably come in handy. The crew packs up the girl, accepts their new partner, and head off back to Eastport. Along they way they pretty handedly destroy a few giant centipedes.

Turns out that the girl is the niece of the leader of the Thieves Guild, Randall. At least, that’s what the head healer told everyone. He’s sure that Randall will be delighted that she’s safe, as he apparently loves his family.

Back at the Immortal Quail, Zexy receives a mysterious note on his door:

“Come to the Docks. Bring your friends”

On the back is a coded map that leads the party to a lesser used area of the docks, where a lot of the imported stone and stone masonry comes in. Here, they’re quickly ambushed by a pack of roguish villains! Asmo decides to use his goddamn broken sleep spell again, and the crew quickly dispatches with most of the bandits.

A round of applause comes from behind them and there, sitting atop a large gargoyle, is Randall. He was very impressed with the groups performance here and on their other outings. He also loves the fact that they’re a bunch of bastards, making them perfect for some potential jobs he may have in the future. He then promptly disappears.

Indira finds a box in the mouth of the gargoyle statue Randall was sitting on. Inside she found a lovely note, and a deck of cards. Asmo takes a look at the cards and realizes that, OMG IT’S A DECK OF MANY THINGS. At the same time, Zexy and John have a strong urge to get back to the tavern for some drinks and relaxation. Asmo and Indira brush off this feeling, but begin to think someone is trying to charm them.

Zexy and John walk in to the tavern and are greeted by Glorn, who insists they sit down and have a drink. Zexy gets a bit suspicious that the tavern is completely empty, so he walks up the stairs to go check out his room….and pops out next to the bar. Which is totally wrong. John does the same, and thinks it’s pretty odd. Zexy then wants to look outside. What does he see? Oh, not much…just the CELESTIAL PLANE. Indira and Asmo join them at the tavern, have a drink, and try to figure out what’s going on. Esmerelda walks down the stairs and introduces her true self: Maeve, Goddess of Light and Life. She has approached the party with a quest: To locate the 3 pieces needed to perform the spell to resurrect the Dark Lady, and destroy them.

…But why this crew? Because the enemy won’t look for a group like this. A group of selfish mercs. They’ll be looking for adorned heroes.

Upon accepting this quest, the crew was given gifts to help them on their way. Everyone was really pleased with their new toys, and are looking forward to using them on some nasty creatures.

They left the tavern, and wound up back in Eastport. It was the next morning, and they were completely rested and refreshed, as if they had slept all night. Indira felt this was the best time to try out her gift from Randall!

She shuffles…Proclaims she will draw one card…and BAM! Her soul is ripped from her body and sent off somewhere.


The party scrambles and heads off to the supposedly haunted lighthouse in search of Indira’s soul. Esmerelda was pretty sure that her soul has been taken and trapped there. The crew makes their way to the lighthouse, where they’re greeted by rats in the basement. Lots and lots of rats. After dispatching them, Asmo looks around and finds Indira’s soul, trapped in the brazier that had been lowered to the basement of the Lighthouse. Now…how do we get it back to her body?

Sessions 3 and 4
Kobald Puppets and Flying Shadows

After dispatching the Goblin and his wolf, the party sets up watch and begins their rest…which is promptly interrupted by a small band of Kobald hunters. By interrupted, I mean John got shot in the neck by an arrow.

Asmo decides that the best way to dispatch with an enemy is while they’re sleeping, so he throws a sleep spell on the Kobolds and knocks out all but one. The invaders are quickly dispatched by the party through various means (gunshots, slit throats, and cleaving in half nuts to nose.) The party decided it would be best to keep one alive for interrogation because they’re absolutely convinced that there’s no way this was a random encounter. These guys are working with the goblins…obvi. Indira plays good cop while John plays psychotic captor, gaining a bit of info about the village up ahead.

Their captive is allowed to leave, and the party packed up to continue on their way south to the troubled village. They stopped a quarter mile out to let the stealthier members (of a party that is entirely stealthy) get some recon work in. They determine it’s too quiet, and too well lit, to just waltz in so they decide to split up and come in to the village square from two different angles: Zexy and Asmo come in from the north, while John and Indira creep in from the west.

Zexy wants a good vantage point, so he runs and slams his face into the side of the blacksmith’s shop.

The entire party spent their time sneaking around the village, searching for any sign of what is actually happening here. THey checked the school house, the tavern, the blacksmith, and the nearby homes. Everything was empty and in shambles. The embers at the blacksmith were still warm, which is odd considering the state of the village. The schoolhouse had the dracolitch graffiti scrawled on the chalk board, and a terrible stench coming from a trap door in the back of the classroom. The team takes shelter in one of the nearby empty houses to figure out what to do next.

Zexy stays on watch and notices a large shadow fly across the moonlit sky. He’s pretty convinced it was a small dragon, which would explain the warm embers, but he couldn’t be completely sure.

While hanging in the house, they hear some commotion going on next door. John figures out there are some goblins chatting. Asmo wants to draw them out, so he causes a thunderclap to happen outside in hopes it will get the attention of the goblins. The goblins next door walk out the door and hang out at the front porch. Across the square, another goblin walks out to investigate…earning him a crossbow bolt to the head. The goblins that are outside rush to help their fallen friend, and start a small skirmish with the party.

After lots of shooting back and forth, sneak attacking/assassinating, and exploding skulls with hammers, the goblins have been subdued and the party decides to investigate a bit more. Asmo finds some very nice leather armor that he promptly dons. They then finally push past their fears and make their way back to the schoolhouse to investigate the trap door.

The party ventured down into the school’s basement and found what appears to be a necrotic ritual site. There are squared off piles of bodies, organized by men, women, and children. In the center of the room is a ritual circle with a small, hooded body lying in the middle. Asmo and Indira spend time breaking the circle to make sure any necrotic circuit is broken. It looked like this was for summoning and raising undead, but not just any undead: smarter and more powerful undead (ghouls, wraiths, etc.)

They pondered what to do with the body. Asmo was convinced the body must be destroyed, and fires an eldritch blast at it…and misses. The party moves the body over onto it’s back and removes it’s hood.

It’s a little girl. Her face is badly burned, and she’s barely hanging on to consciousness. She tries to talk.

“They want the stone..They need the stone…Please help me.”

Session 2
In Which our Heroes Encounter a Sheriff, Get Paid, and Head to Rocky Knoll

How hard is it to climb out of a sewer with an unconscious tiefling on your back?

Kinda hard.

Failing twice to safely climb out of the sewers with their unconscious friends, the party decides to send the Azmo up to find help. He runs in to Commi, a local cleric, who promptly goes to get help for the injured heroes.

The party is rescued, healed, and promptly introduced to the local sheriff: Mathias Needle. He’s a bombastic, cheerful soul who is grateful for the party’s help with clearing out the spider menace. He rewards them with some gold and covers their lodging expenses for a few days.

After a nights rest, the party has a leisurely morning washing themselves, their clothing, buying clothing, and enjoying a brunch with bloody marys. They later meet up with Sheriff Mathias, and find out about the problem with the village of Rocky Knoll: Caravans and groups of guards have gone, but not returned. Mathias asks them to deliver a message and return with news of what has happened to the village.

Leaving so late in the day, the party decides to walk through the night to take advantage of their abundance of darkvision. Their march is interrupted by a small mob of Twig Blights, which they quickly dispatched.

When the party has dropped their guard and began settling down for the night, they are ambushed by a Goblin and his wolf! An avalanche of guns, swords, and demonic spells removed the threat quickly. Azmo investigated the goblin, finding some loot and a brand on the creature’s chest: the symbol of the Dark Lady.

also: DING! LVL 2!

Session 1
In Which our Heroes Forgo a Free Bath and Have a Near-Death Experience

Our party arrives in Eastport, the largest port…in the…east….They meet a few of the more notable locals: Troggith, the Harbor Master; Glorn and Esmerelda, proprietors of The Immortal Quail Inn; and learned about some issues plaguing the usually bustling city.

- A decommissioned light house is rumored to be haunted
- Local pets and livestock are disappearing
- Strange graffiti has been showing up on local religious structures

The group decides it’s best to have a fantastic bath after a long boat trip, so they make their way to the local bath house for luxurious tub time. On the way there, Azmo sees the graffiti and realizes what kind of danger might be looming.

The party tries to have a bath, but ends up following the abducted shopkeeper into the sewer where they battle a pack of Giant Wolf Spiders. The spiders proved to be quite the match, as they knocked out Jon and Indira and seriously wounded Azmo. Zexy gave no fucks and blasted the spiders with his rifle.

The evening ended with the remaining conscious party members wondering how they’re going to get out of the sewer….


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